About us


RTI was founded in 1988 by Bennie Rouwhorst in a shed on the Roldersweg in Zieuwent. After a year, the company moved to a rented building in the Galileistraat in Lichtenvoorde. The company soon outgrew this location, and RTI bought a number of plots of the new industrial zone near the Albert Schweitzerstraat in Lichtenvoorde. The new office and first factory hall were built on the first plot in 1991. During the 90s, buildings were also built on the other plots. In 1994, the building was expanded with a second hall, and, a few years later, in 1998, the third and fourth hall were built, as well as a second office floor. The year after, Manfred Harbers was appointed director of RTI, and over a decade later, in 2011, Han and Norman, both sons of Bennie, joined the board. After the renovation of the offices in 2016, the fifth and, so far, last, hall was added to the building in 2017, resulting in a total surface of over 3000 m2. By now, RTI has been your compressor specialist for over 30 years.



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