We assemble complete hydraulic installations tailored to your requirements. These include, for example, tipper, walking floor and lock hydraulic installations or a combination of multiple systems.

In case of hydraulic installations, you can decide which connections you want and where you want them.

The hydraulic installations can be provided with, among others, a hydraulic tank, a manual or pneumatic tipper valve, hydraulic oil, a hydraulic pump, safety valve, piping and a hose package.

Hydraulic tank

We realise the hydraulic tank in the same design as the hood of your compressor installation. The tank can be built to your exact specifications and can be sprayed in any RAL colour.

In case of limited room for a compressor installation and tank, we offer an in-chassis-installation with integrated tank.

Stationary hydraulics

A stationary compressor unit with integrated hydraulics can be equipped with:

  • a 190 L oil tank
  • a tipper pump
  • a return filter
  • a 5.5 or 7.5 kW e-motor
  • piping


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